All the President's Keepers: Those Keeping Zuma in Power and out of Prison

Ressensie deur Bongani

  • (Good Reads)
  • The book ends with words quoted from Richard Poplak,
    • "Countries are no longer countries, but fiefdoms run by tiny hyper-elites, exclusively for their own benefit."
      • This statement suggest that there was a time in history where politicians served people and life was better. I don't know such a time in Afrika.
    • In his memoirs, Birth of a Dream Weaver, Ngugi says, "Your politician will demand that the hungry feed him, the thirsty give him water, the homeless build him palaces, the barefoot give him shoes, and the naked cloth him. The more he has, the more he will pad himself, even with the products of the ism he says he is fighting."
      • On his last encounter with his high school principal, Edward Francis, before heading to Makerekere University, Francis advised Ngugi "whatever you do, don't be a politician. All politicians, black, white, and brown are unmitigated scoundrels".